Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You don't have to be normal to be happy.

I found this very interesting and informative piece on autism. It’s a good read, a very personal view, and very useful.

Ten things everyone should know about autism.

What does autism have to do with happiness? Point 9 in the blog post is titled Autistic people can be happy without being cured.

The point ends But being a happy autistic person isn’t “being brave” or “making the best of it”. It’s quite simply being happy. You don’t have to be normal to be happy.

This is quite liberating for me: I don’t have to be normal to be happy. Or, as Gretchen Rubin will say, everybody’s Happiness Project will look different.

The autistic person’s happiness project is of course a good bit more difficult than the the neurotypical’s, so my slightyly ideosyncratic happiness project may also work for me, but it might not be easiest.

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