Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Notes from "What to do until the psychiatrist comes", a talk given by dr Murray Banks

The four things people want:
1. I want to live.
2. I want a feeling of importance.
3. I want someone to love me.
4. I want a little variety.

Free mental health checkup:
1. Are you happy? (Thermometer of mental health)
2. Do you have zest for living?
3. Are you socially adjusted? (First symptom of mental illness)
4. Do you have unity and balance?
5. Can you live with each problem in your life as it arises?
6. Do you have insight into your own conduct?
7. Do you have a confidential relationship with some other person?
8. Do you have a sense of the ridiculous? (Laughter)
9. Are you engaged in satisfying work?
10. Do you know how to worry effectively?

Happiness is just like chasing a butterfly. The more you chase it and chase it and chase it directly, then it will always just elude you. But if you sit down quietly, turn your thoughts to other things, then the butterlfy will come, and softly sit on your shoulder.

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